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Ever wondered how you could make legit money without resorting to quick reach ponzi schemes and earn via an excellent affiliate system then read on. Wakanda Nation has emerged as an alternative to NNU, by giving users the opportunity to make money online for reading news.

Wakanda Nation allows members to make up to N50,000 a month reading, commenting and posting news.This relatively new website allows you to make money from doing what you enjoy that is reading news. They have already started to make waves in the online marketing market in Nigeria and its better you grab the opportunity as its hot.

What is Wakanda Nation

Wakanda Nation is managed by Ladina integrated service which has been registered business with corporate affairs commission. Nigerians are rightly skeptically about making money online since the crash of several quick money making schemes such as MMM and Ultimate Cycler.

How do they get the money to pay members

However Wakanda Nation is legit as the money paid to you comes directly from revenue made by the company. Wakanda make more money when members take and participate. The more popular the platform becomes the more companies will pay wakanda to advertise and make sales for their business.

According the website there are several levels of making money from Wakanda Nation,this includes the following below

N50 – Daily Login Bonus. (once you login to your Wakanda Nation account)

N2 – for each comment made on posts.

N50 – For reading and sharing any Wakanda sponsored post on Social Media.

N400 (each) – For first 5 people to comment on Wakanda sponsored post each day.

Also you get N1,000 for referring any one via your affiliate link though this is entirely optional. You can choose to register a free account. However you would not be able to get the affiliate link fee of N1,000.

How to register on Wakanda Nation

The affiliate program is actively promoted by wakanda Nation because as a marketing website the more traffic they get ensures more money for the website. Wakanda affiliate program costs a one time fee of N1,300 and you get unlimited chances to refer persons to through the link.

To register click here

  • Create an account,
  • Login your details
  • Click the Affilate Area which would lead to a menu
  • Things leads to Affilate upgrade process.
  • You would be prompted to pay the one time Affiliate Upgrade fee of N1,300.

Also Affiliate members can also pay this one time fee with the latest mode of payment via cryptocurrency.

Wakanda Nation accepts bitcoins as mode of payment for local and international members. Users can also collect earnings gotten from Wakanda Nation directly to their bitcoin wallet address.

Wakanda Nation states clearly on their website for international members that the conversion rate is N400/$ and the affiliate fee stands at $3.3.

This is one website we recommend as it is tried and trusted with several testimonies from users and has better features than the popular NNU.

To register click here




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