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The traditional SMS messaging is becoming outdated with the presence of numerous instant messaging apps which gives more functions, features and wide range of options. Another major advantage is this apps are free and most come with voice calling and video calling options which is vastly superior to traditional sms messaging services.  This are the best insta messaging apps in terms of functionality and popularity.





Facebook official messaging app comes with wide range of functionality and gives users the advantage of sending messages to friends on Facebook. This is important since almost everyone has a Facebook account.

It has nice features such as voice calls and video calls. Also since the app is linked directly to users Facebook account there is less worry about usernames, pins, phone number required by most messaging apps. It is also compatible over a wide range of devices such as ios, android, windows and desktop devices.





Vibes is a popular messaging app with over 130million users. It was one of the pioneer insta messaging apps to have calling feature which other apps have since copied,this is one of the strengths of the app.

It has one of the easiest interface which quickly synchronises phone contact and settings. It comes with voice calling and video calling options with large library of stickers and smileys to choose from when texting.





The most popular insta messaging app in China We chat has made lots of efforts to enter the mainstream market. It offers voice and video calling it also gives users a unique feature called moments in which users can share special photographs and videos on a specific personal stream.

We chats also has the popular friend radar option in which the app scans the immediate surrounding for other apps users and connects to them.i it also boasts of a unique security and privacy policy which safeguards users information.





The most popular insta messaging app in the world with over 250 million users whatsapp is a unique app which users love because of its interface and simplicity. The app has video and audio calling options with a revamped status feature where users can showcase images in a timeline.

It gives access to send messages and receive different kind of files such as pdf files. The privacy policy is also top notch with end to end encryption of messages. It was purchased by Facebook in 2014 which has given the app more features and users world wide.





This insta messaging app is relatively new but has seen it’s popularity rise due to its extreme privacy policy which makes messaging safe without major privacy leaks and is ideal for users who want to chat from remote places with their privacy and data safe.

It features a self destruct feature in which users can set timers to destroy chats. Another major feature in Telegram is the group chat feature in which up to 5000 persons can be added to a group chat this is important ideal for big organisations. It also gives users with the option to store media in cloud. It is a wonderful insta app for users most concerned with privacy.





Snap chat is a relatively popular app which gives users numerous features from self destructing video or photos to the manipulation of videos or pictures in which caption, face lenses emojis and many more can be placed to make such videos and pictures more appealing or attractive.

It also gives a feature called snapchat stories in which users can post messages lasting  for more than 24hours. It is available on ios and android device.





Kiki messenger is a popular insta messaging app that gives users the access to use username rather than phone number which is ideal for users that don’t want their phone numbers revealed. It is highly used mostly by teenagers and has good features such as a chat browser that allows users to search and share content from the web.





Google Hangout enables anyone with a google account text or call other users. It has a simple interface and gives users the versatility of chatting with people without need of phone numbers. Users can also hold video calls with groups of up to 100 persons. It is also cross platform and available.





This is a popular insta messaging app which is a hybrid of social networking and entertainment app  and it allows users to text and do voice and video calls. It also gives users the feature of news feed where users can see latest activities of friends.

The app also has amazing collection of stickers, cartoon characters which gives the app a unique feel. Users can also add friends through NFC connectivity tools. It is available on ios, windows and android devices.





This was one of the foremost messaging app that enabled video call which is still a vital mainstay in the app. IMO has come a long way from being a client Insta messaging app to being a full insta messaging  app. It gives users text message, voice and video calls access with its streamlined interface which makes it easy for users to connect with friends and groups

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