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I believe most Nigerians are very careful with their mobile phones but sometimes we can be a bit careless we end up having one or two issue.The most common one we know is seeing our phones fall into water,that can be very annoying.

Most handset manufactures are now moving towards waterproof designs mobile phones which will likely increase in 2017.Most people will not be able to afford these types of phones because they are very expensive,so the best thing to do to prevent your phone from being damaged by water is to take precautions beforehand.

You can also try getting yourself a waterproof pouch for situations where you know you might be making contact with water.What if your phone ends up in water what will be the right thing to do.

With the help of the following tips, we aim to increase the probability of you saving your phone.


If your phone should fall into water the next thing to do is to take it out of the water and turn it off and remove the battery because the longer your device stays underwater, the lower its chances of survival.You can also remove the SIM card and the SD card then put them on a towel or any dry surface

Make sure you don’t do these when your phone falls into water:

  • Do not turn on the phone because electrical components don’t play well with water when operating.
  • Don’t plug it in either.
  • Don’t press any keys this can push water further into the phone. It’s best to try not to mess with the phone as little as possible.
  • Don’t shake or blow into the device this could also push water into deeper areas of the phone. Especially try to avoid blow driers not only because of the blowing part, but also because of the following point.
  • Do not apply any heat to the phone,remember excessive heat can also damage the phone. You don’t want to add more damage!
  • Don’t move the phone around too much you don’t want the water moving around inside the phone.

You can also use a dry towel or cloth to get rid of all the excess water found in the exterior of your phone,when doing that make sure you don’t tamper with any aspect of the phone gently dry everything.The next thing involved is to leave the phone for a period of time which is kind of difficult because I know we cant do without our phones.



Another common solution we most have heard about Is by putting it in a sack full of rice for about 2 to 3 days which can be little bit helpful.

Come to think of it have you ever ask yourself these question WHY MUST IT BE RICE.The reason for the rice is because rice is very good at absorbing humidity in the air, making the phone’s environment drier and hence helping dry out the device.

Another alternative which can be helpful if you can quickly get it is by using does items found in a new box of shoe or electronic boxes,they are called SILICA GEL.



After you have done all these and you feel your phone is dry enough put it back together an try turning it on ,if it works then you know your experiment has worked.Try and study your phone for a day or two to see if any issue comes up, make a call to see if the microphone and earphone works, test the speaker and other parts of the phone.

But if it turns out that your phones starts malfunctioning i advice you take your phone to a professional and see if it can be repaired.

I hope these few tips can be of help to someone,if you have any idea or suggestions kindly share in the comment box below.

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