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When we talk about news and information we cannot deny the fact that the guardian Newspaper gives us the best.To make it interesting the guardian newspaper has finally given their customers something to be happy about by launching their online TV platform.

Guardian TV as it would be called was launched on the 26th April 2016 will provide exclusive video interviews and real time videos from across the world.For those who stand at the newspaper stand reading the headlines you have nothing to worry about with this you get all the information you need.

The Guardian TV will not be doing this alone they will getting help from other online news and video outlets such as Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, Omnisport, Reuters and AFP, on the international scene. Local collaborations will include partnerships with EbonyLife TV, Ovation TV and Channels TV.

The Executive Director of Guardian Toke Alex Ibru said some things during the launch,According to him “Guardian TV will offer content providers a platform to reach out to larger audiences and demographics, both locally and internationally. I expect Guardian TV to in the not-too-distant-future become the number one source in Nigeria for quality short videos on news, entertainment and sports.”

Like I said earlier The Guardian Newspaper will not be doing this alone,they are also in partnership with Ventra Media Group a full-service digital marketing and rights agency,they provide different services such as digital strategy, growing social media audiences and planning, as well as buying digital media for brands and content owners. The outfit also specializes in platform development and monetization for content owners such as The Guardian.

According to the CEO of Ventra Media Group “Daryn Wober” “We believe that Guardian TV represents the first of its kind in the market where a traditional newspaper business has stepped forward to provide a dedicated online video platform. The combination of Ventra’s product and technical expertise combined with the online reach of The Guardian will provide audiences with an unparalleled service.”

The Guardian TV can be accessed through different means as long as you have an internet connection with any device such as your personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs by going to

With this innovation we hope Guardian TV doesn’t follow the footsteps of ThisDay, Arise TV, which shut down early this year.

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