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Are you a Nigerian lady interested in looking and feeling good? Is your closet lacking in the shoe category? Or do you have too much and wish to narrow your options? If you fall into any of these categories, then this post is for you.

Some of us, if not most go all the way out in getting dressed and end up neglecting the shoe area. Often times this is due to lack of funds, or just ignorance. Because we know fashion isn’t limited to just clothes, we’ll take a look at the 5 shoes every Nigerian lady must have.




Whether you’re attending an event, job interview or even church, flats do well to give you that toned down yet classy look. This is basically the most comfortable footwear, so it should definitely be a constant in your closet.

When choosing flats, it is better to go with basic colored ones. Black, nude or leopard print. The aim is to match your flats with as many outfits as possible.





Not only do these shoes give you height, they are also wonderfully comfortable! Another plus is that they go with almost everything, from work clothes to dresses, wedges keep you looking and feeling the part.





A pair of beautiful flat sandals is definitely a must have in any lady’s closet. They are an awesome accessory for the feet and when paired with the right clothes, make you look young and beautiful.





There will come a day when you will have to attend an event, a gathering, a get together, give it any word, where slaying will be a necessity. And on that day your shoes will be ready to make you look confident and beautiful.

When purchasing statement shoes, it is best you go all out, go with shoes that would boldly announce your presence e.g. spiked heels, prints and the likes.





When it comes to achieving that effortlessly chic look, sneakers are the best way to go. Not only do they look awesome, they are also a relief from all the heels you have to wear! Even when putting on boyish sneakers, you can easily pair it with a more feminine dress and end up looking like a snack.





Pumps are basically an all occasion shoe. They can be worn to work, dinner dates with bae, parties and everything else. They keep you looking constantly fabulous and classy. It is better to get black or nude colored pumps, as these colors go with almost everything.

When picking shoes, cost and versatility should come to mind. Although, you shouldn’t be afraid to try out more fun and adventurous styles, as a lady can not possess too much shoes.

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