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At the recent CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada Samsung thrilled its fan with the launch of their new QLED TV.The TV will come in three types the Q7, Q8 and Q9 series. Pricing, availability were not confirmed, but the company did talk about picture quality and other features.

One important factor you should know about the QLED TV its basically an enhancement of standard transmissive LCD technology, not a new emissive quantum dot technology that really could challenge OLED. That emissive quantum dot “QLED” is still a few years off.

Accorrding to Samsung they claim that the TV would provide 100 percent color volume which would give it more accurate colour reproduction in different light levels compared to OLED.



The QLED TV will come with the new quantum dot technology which is said to improve light output from 1000 nits up to 1500 nits.It increases the brightness up to 50% which makes HDR content so real you feel like you are right at the center of the action especially when you are watching a movie or playing your favorite video games.

What does quantum dot really mean, They’re microscopic molecules that, when hit by light, emit their own, differently colored light.


Another fascinating feature is the smart hub which has been upgraded to provide important information like get to know their owners and offer personalized content recommendations, and notify sports fans on the next upcoming matches.

The One Remote controls everything from live TV to the cable box to plugged-in devices just by pointing the remote at the TV, because the QLED TVs automatically detect the devices that are plugged in.

Samsung has also linked the new TV range with its Smart View app for Android and iOS, which can be used as a separate smart remote control or it can also be used as a game controller. The company also improved its phone app to mimic the look of the big screen layout, and you can even search and cast apps like Netflix to the TV from your phone, much like with Chromecast.

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