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Samsung recently unveiled the largest TV for consumer use at the CES 2018, the 146-Inch 4K MicroLED TV is known as the wall and promises much. The Korean electronic giant has produced some unusual types of TV such as The Frame  which enables aesthetically savvy consumers to hide their TV and disguise it as a painting or piece of art.


The Wall is basically a 146-Inch 4K TV that uses MicroLED technology. Samsung says this TV can produce a brighter display and create black levels which is equivalent or better than OLED. MicroLED also has the advantage of Zero burn in problems.

The Wall is bezel-less and can be adjusted to whatever size you deem fit to use. Samsung also revealed that the TV has an adjustable quality which means consumers can reduce the size of the screen by adding or removing modules according to their needs. The Wall MicroLED tech is extremely durable, and much more power efficient.




The Wall uses MicroLED technology instead of LCD or OLED. The MicroLED are colored light emitting diodes that are tiny light bulbs that combine together to form pixels. This pixels emit lights in the MicroLED array which forms the image seen on the TV. This is quite different from the LCD TV which needs a backlight to illuminate the images formed on the liquid crystal layer.

The effect of this makes graphics to be clearer, brighter and beautiful. The Wall maximises this technology perfectly to provide jaw dropping display on its huge 146-Inch screen. The Wall is also expected to give beautiful movie experience and gaming experience with its graphics detailing out the picture quality resulting in a highly realistic graphics output.




The Wall is a wonderful piece of design that gives an idea into the future of TV technology. While this is just an entry into the MicroLED technology, it is expected for some glitches to occur with Samsung working tirelessly to make a flawless experience. It looks like MicroLED is the future of Next generation TV with The Wall showcasing how size meets quality.


Samsung 146-Inch ‘The Wall’ 4K MicroLED TV was unveiled at CES tech conference in January 2018 and is expected to hit the market by March. Samsung is yet to indicate the price for the mammoth TV but it is expected to be in the $100000 range or N3.500000.

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