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Many people have heard about the popular affiliate program called NNU and wondered if its another MMM or a legit internet money making scheme. All I will tell you is to read along as I provide you with an unbiased review of the marketing scheme called NNU.ng.

What is NNU

NNU according to their website is a program apparently on a mission of dealing with the financial problems in Nigeria among a cross-section of the population. They also preach about the opportunity of earning daily reading news and other online activities. Nigerians are right to be worried about making money online after the 2016 crash of many online making sites.

One thing I can tell you is that the program is legit and not based on the foundations of the infamous MMM scheme.

Who owns the program

NNU was created in 2017 by young entrepreneur Paul Samson and is registered under G-Cyber technology which is legit and has a corporate affairs commission number (2453653). He was also the brain behind the popular coolnaira.com platform which still continues to pay members despite the crash of other similar like websites.

How does the Program work

NNU gives all members four different ways to earn money depending on your choice, this are the steps below.

  • Active day Login

You get N50 when you login o your NNU account automatically and can earn more by clicking on various news depending on the total daily revenue quota for the day

  • Comments and contribution

This is another way to earn on NNU as the system gives you 1N from every comment made to any news post viewed and you can earn more depending on how many posts you comment on daily. This is also dependent on the daily revenue quota for each day

  • Facebook shares

You also earn N50 for sharing sponsored post this sponsored post is sent to members dashboard and once you share it on facebook you get your N50 naira. On the day you access your payment, your facebook timeline would be reviewed and the sponsored post would be calculated and added to your pay.

Note: it is important to know that only sponsored posts can be shared on facebook

  • Affiliate earning

This is the best way to earn on NNU as you get 62.5% for every referral, this essentially means that you make N1000 for every person you refer to the affiliate plan. This money is gotten from the entry fee paid by the affiliate member.

All earnings are paid on the 27th  of every month and the minimum fee to request for payment is N4000 which can be easily achieved with just 4 affiliate members under your account.

How to Register

To register for NNU income program click nnu.ng register your details and input the necessary information after which you purchase the NNU income park which cost N1,600. Then your account will be confirmed after successful payment and then you’re good to begin earning from any of the means mentioned above.


NNU is an excellent platform to make money legitimately online, with a good job of referring people you can make as much as N50,000 naira monthly on the website. If you want an alternative you can also check out www.wakanda.ng both run using similar ideas and systems.




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