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Electricity in Nigeria has always been a major problem in the country the question we ask ourselves every day is when will the power problem be solved in this country called Nigeria (aka Giant of Africa).

MTN Nigeria in partnership with Lumos an Overseas Private Investment Corporation has launched a mobile solar electricity system for the benefit of families and businesses around the country.Nigerians can now enjoy accessible, noise-free and fume-free electricity for their everyday use and conveniently pay with their airtime from their MTN mobile phone.

Nigerians can now live life to the fullest and enjoy 24/7 solar electricity that is safe, reliable and affordable. This mobile electricity can light up your room, charge your cellphones and power appliances like Fans, Televisions, and computers all day every day.With this new innovation by MTN Nigeria and Lumos the uninterrupted power supply will soon be a thing of the past.


Babtunde Raji Fashola at the event

Speaking at the event Minister of Power, Works and Housing Babtunde Raji Fashola he said “MTN is addressing something close to my heart and portfolio. With this new and innovative technology, Nigerians can easily access affordable solar electricity to power their homes and businesses,”

Barr. Adebayo Shittu, who is the Honorable Minister of Communications, said “MTN has always been at the vanguard of providing telecommunication services to Nigerians. With this new product launch and partnership with Lumos, they have positioned themselves as a critical enabler of social and economic welfare of Nigerians.

The Lumos Mobile Electricity solution includes a large solar panel linked to an indoor storage unit that allows customers to access significant amounts of power on-demand, day or night. The service is provided on a lease to own basis, and the cost is spread over a 5-year term, so customers can choose a suitable plan from the plan options and pay for usage in small installments using their MTN line just the same way they purchase data packages. Customers also receive a full product guarantee during the lease period, providing peace of mind and quality assurance.


CEO MTN Nigeria Mr. Ferdi Moolman said that over the years, MTN Nigeria has launched a variety of technology-driven products and initiatives which have helped to improve the lives of Nigerians, solve problems and encourage intelligent minds with brilliant ideas to achieve more with natural resources.

“Our partnership with LUMOS was borne out of the need to provide safe, affordable electricity alternatives for Nigerians to uninterruptedly conduct their daily businesses. We at MTN value lives and the overall wellbeing of Nigerians and we’ll continue to put out initiatives that focus on providing life solutions.

MTN’s General Manager, Brand and Communications, Richard Iweanoge also had something to say about the partnership according to him “The power challenge in Nigeria is glaring and it behoves us to find ways to change the game. While the government is trying to find a lasting solution, we should also dig deep and bring succour in ways we can. The Lumos Mobile Electricity is a viable alternative. We’re delighted with the response across Nigeria so far and we encourage more people to take advantage of the device and solve simple power problems,”

According to Iweanoge, the device can be acquired for an initial One-time payment of 26,000 NGN upon joining the service and a daily access fee of N200 payable with MTN airtime applies to get power.


Lumos Mobile electricity saves you lots of naira on your monthly electricity bills,to begin customers has to sign up and to do that they need to visit any local MTN store with their MTN SIM card registered in your name, a valid ID card and the names/details of two guarantors.

After signing up a mobile electricity device kit will be given to them, contents in the kit includes:

  • Large 80W solar panel unit and cables
  • Solar indoor unit
  • USB mobile phone charger
  • 2 powerful led bulbs
  • DC to AC converter

The Installation process is very easy but you have to use an authorized installer near your location.


  • Check that your MTN account (registered to Lumos service) has enough credit; You should always credit your lumos system for 30 days a month. Please note: this service is similar to a “hire-purchase” deal. A minimum of 20 days must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not.
  • Choose a plan from the options.
  • SMS your chosen plan to 317. (E.g.) for a 30 day plan, SMS “30” to 317.
  • Get confirmation SMS & start enjoying 24/7 electricity!

Also, to keep you always in the light, MTN also offers top-up, auto renewal and daily fallback as options on all plans. To exit send Exit to 317 choosing longer plans gives you the optimal value for your money.

To make it interesting customers can also refer family and friends so everyone can enjoy 24/7 electricity and both parties gets bonus airtime.


Simply SMS your friend’s number to 08133134773.* Once your friend completes the deal by joining the Mobile Electricity Service MTN will automatically credit your account with free electricity. You will receive 14 Electricity days while your friend or family member receives 7 Electricity days.


  • You can only SMS using the MTN number registered to your lumos service.
  • MTN must receive your SMS before your friend or family can join the service.
  • Refer only one person per SMS, no limit to the number of referrals per day.


  • 5 DAYS PLAN:The 5 days plan costs N200 per day and N1,000 for the total price.
  • 10 DAYS PLAN:The 10 days plan costs N180 per day and N1,800 for the total price.
  • 30 DAYS PLAN:The 30 days plan costs N150 per day amd N4,500 for the total price.
  • 90 DAYS PLAN:The 90 days plan cost N140 per day and N12,600 for the total price.
  • 180 DAYS PLAN:The 180 days plan costs N130 per day and N23,400 for the total price.
  • 365 DAYS PLAN:The 365 days plan costs N128 per day and costs 46,720 for the total price.

As interesting as it sounds the stress of carrying kegs to buy petrol every time the light goes off will surely be a thing of the past.

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