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iPowerPlus is a combination of intelligence and smartness. It comes with a clear LED display for easy operation. Its compact and sleek design makes it easy to be accommodated in an office or a room. In order to prolong the life span of the battery, iPowerPlus is configured to automatically cut off usage if the battery level is getting into stipulated reserve. This is designed to prolong the life span of the battery.

It is well shielded from short-circuits and overload complications with automated tripping off when the batteries get to the threshold. It is a hybrid system with an in-built solar charge controller that has a complementary in-built cooling system comprising of heat zinc and fans.

iPowerPlus Inverters are digital smart power solutions which range from 1KVA-20KVA. The Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter comes with an in-built solar charge controller that connects automatically to solar and utility supply. This allows you to switch between AC Power and Solar Power.

We must point out that the transition from mains to generator and vice versa is very seamless and usually occurs without you even noticing it except you are close by the inverter.


  • pure sine wave inverter
  • built-in mppt solar charge controller
  • cold start function
  • low battery cut off design to prolong battery life
  • overload and short circuit protection
  • power: 3kva/2400w/24v
  • selectable voltage range: 170 – 280vac (for personal computers0) / 90 – 280vac (for home applainces)
  • transfer time: 10 ms(for personal systems) / 20 ms (home appliances)
  • frequency range: 50hz/60hz (auto sensing)
  • ac voltage mode (battery mode): 230vac + or – 5%
  • surge power: 6000va
  • efficiency (peak): 93%
  • solar charge: 600w
  • maximum cahrging current: 25a
  • mppt range at operating voltage: 30vdc – 66vdc
  • maximum efficiency: 98%
  • weight: 8 kg


The iPowerPlus 3KVA/24V Inverter is available in Nigeria you can get it at any of the online stores.


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