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ipad air 3

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A9x chipset
2K resolution amazing 3D display, 400ppi
3GB RAM for blazing and flawless experience
13 MP rear camera with LED flash



When Apple released the ipad Air 2 we said they have given us something perfect, they also introduced the iPad Pro. According to latest report we hear that Apple is about to release another awesome device called the iPad Air 3. We’d expected to see the iPad Air 3 in 2015 but it has been officially confirmed that it would be lunched March 2016.


3D Touch technology was introduced into the Apple watch and iPhone 6 so the iPad Air 3 would not be left out. There will likely be a 9.7-inch screen again but we’d expect to see some improvements in that area.

A rumored spec suggests, it may come with a 4K screen resolution of 2334 x 3112, which will have 401 pixels in every inch, thus ensuring the users a far better display quality.

Not many people focus on the camera possibilities of the iPad Air, but the new version is rumored to stick with an 13MP sensor and add in an LED flash to make it easier taking night shots.


For one thing it’s likely to run iOS 10, though iOS9 is always possible if it arrives sooner. iOS 9 brings improvements to Siri and Apple Maps, true multitasking for iPads, a new keyboard and more. If it has iOS 10 that’s sure to bring even more new features.

The iPad Air 3 is also sure to get a newer, faster processor, A recent report, however, does indicate the iPad Air 3 will have an A9X chip just like the iPad Pro, we’d expect that at a minimum and quite possibly an A10 chip.

There is a possibility of increase in RAM size also. The iPad Air 2 has 2GB of RAM, but Apple has since launched the iPad Pro with 4GB. As the name suggests though the Pro is aimed at more serious productivity, so the Air 3 might not have that much, but 3GB wouldn’t be that bad

Storage space has been a real issue with iPad users, especially due to the fact that Apple products do not come with options for external storage. So we sincerely hope that this time Apple will keep 32GB as the smallest storage size so that users can do a lot more with their gadget.


Apple has a fancy new battery technology too, as seen in the recent new MacBook. This allows for slices of battery to be layered on top of each other in a staggered manner in order to make the most of the curved edges of the chassis. Apple might put that technology to use in the new iPad Air 3.


The iPad Air 3 is not yet available in Nigeria When available, you can buy it at leading online stores and phone stores.

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