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We all want an android phone but the biggest problem we always have with our devices is the battery life.Most of the time you see Nigerians moving around with their phone charges looking for an opportunity to charge their phone.

The higher the device we use the more we expect out of our devices, all the processing power and computing ability that our handsets deliver us are increasingly impressive, but these come at a cost.

The question you would be asking yourself is how can I save my phone battery life. Basically your display is almost certainly the biggest battery sucker no matter what device you’re using, cutting its effect on your battery will improve battery life.

There are still other things you can do to extend your phone battery life,so We’ll be going into detail for each of the steps you need to take.


Most times when I pick up some peoples phone I end up turning off some of their connection,they mostly leave these features running all day without really thinking about it. If you want to conserve power, then you should always turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location (GPS) when you aren’t actively using them.

Sometimes we might be in an area where cell service is not available your phone can expend a lot of battery power trying to get the best connection it can so turning on airplane mode might help at that moment to safe your battery.

If you have the choice between using Wi-Fi  or cell signal, always choose Wi-Fi, all other things equal.Wi-Fi drains far less battery than cellular service.


One of the cool features of the android OS is the multitasking ability I.e ability to use several apps at the same time.If these app are left open,this can lead to battery drain or even sluggish responds time.

So to make your battery last longer always make it a habit of shutting down apps when you are done with them.

To shut down your running apps you can follow these basic steps below:

  • You can hit the Recent apps button on your phone and tap the X next to open apps or swipe them right or left to close them. However, this doesn’t necessarily stop background services and processes from running.
  • If you have a device running Android 6.0 or above and you go to Settings > Developer options > Running services, you can tap on active apps and choose to Stop. You’ll see a warning if an app cannot be stopped safely.
  • For older versions of Android (before 6.0), in Settings > Developer options > Process statistics you can tap on an active app and choose Force stop.
  • In any version of Android, you can also go to Settings > Apps or Settings > Applications > Application manager, and tap on an app and tap Force stop. Older versions of Android have a Running tab in the Apps list, so you can easily see what’s actually running, but this no longer appears in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. If an app isn’t running, then the Force stop option will be grayed out.

To stop the apps permanently the best thing to do is to uninstall the app which is very simply go to Settings > Apps on a stock Android device, or Settings > Applications > Application manager on a Samsung Galaxy, tap on the problem app, then tap Uninstall.

Please note that if the app is the type of apps that comes with your device,you may not have the option to uninstall the best you can do is to disable the app which will stop it running in the background.


Vibration on a mobile phone can be very important especially when you are in an environment that is noisy.Sometimes we make use of the vibration when its not necessary.For example when making a call,the phone vibrates when pressing the on screen keyboard,it also vibrates when you get all sort of notification from facebook,whatsapp,email e.t.c.

Any time you press your on screen keyboard or any notification comes in to produce the effect, your device has to spin up a small vibration motor every time, which can be really draining on your battery.

If you really want to let your battery last longer you should minimize your phone vibration.You can set it for the most important thing you need such as phone calls.


Most times we set our phones brightness to the fullest just because we want to read those text messages or surf the internet,why not tone it back a bit and use adaptive brightness or auto brightness depending on which version of Android you are running.

As we said earlier the biggest enemy to you phone battery is your display so you can also reduce your auto lock time to help save your battery.

Go to Settings > Display and change your “Sleep” length to be as short as possible, 15 seconds is a good amount.

Another mistake people make is keeping the standby display on while charging,this process can also drain your battery life.

There are essentially two kinds of displays currently on the smartphone market. AMOLED and LCD. AMOLED works by lighting up individual pixels to create images. LCD works by having a backlight that is overlaid by a screen that shutters and displays the backlight to create pixels which compose images.

If you have an AMOLED display, using a black wallpaper is the most power-efficient because the display doesn’t have to activate those pixels. They just get to rest. However, if you have an LCD display, the most power-efficient option is a white wallpaper because the screen doesn’t have to work to create the pixels.


Battery saver reduces your device’s performance and automatically limits vibration, location services, and background data. You can activate it from here, or you can set it to kick on automatically at 5 or 15 percent battery.


You have to keep a watch on some apps that access your data such at the background .such as Play Store and Gmail apps,these apps continuously collect and send data in the background. You can restrict such background usage of data per app.


This features also reduces battery life,To turn it off, go to Settings > Accounts. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and uncheck “Auto-sync data.” You can also manually adjust which apps sync and how frequently.

These few steps above can go a long way to save your phone battery,try them out today and so how long your phone battery would last.If yo feel this post can help someone kindly share.

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