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Making money will always be in the minds of every Nigerian with the way the current state of the country is people are looking for other means to make money.

Nigerian leading sport bet company NAIRABET is giving Nigerians the opportunity to make little money for themselves.The next question coming out from your mind is “HOW DOES IT WORK”.

Its as simple as riding a bike,you can make money from NAIRABET by becoming an online agent you don’t need  to own a shop like the other agents or have a computer or a printer all transaction will be done straight from you mobile phone.(awesome right)

I believe some Nigerians out there have tried all these while to become a sport betting agent but they don’t have the capital and man power to run it.Even getting the right location can be a problem because without a good location getting your maximum profit will definitely be a problem.

After all these, you’ll still need to pay for your choice sports betting company’s license fees.With these new innovative coming from NAIRABET I believe things are about to change.


For you to startup these wonder business opportunity you will need an internet enabled device it can be your phone or your tablet as long as you have access to the internet.

On like the other procedure where you play for people in your shop for commissions, your job here is to simply fund the online accounts of NairaBet customers around you. It’s as easy as buying bulk NairaBET credit directly from the company, and funding the accounts of other NAIRABET customers.

You will be earning 5% commission on every amount you sell,even if the person wins or loses it doesn’t affect this commission you’ll earn 5% of every amount you help people put into their NairaBet accounts.

These is an easy way to make money when there are so many NAIRABET customer looking for people to fund their account for them.

If you feel the 5% Commission is too small for you can print out NAIRABET credit in form of smaller vouchers and distribute to your friends and relatives or assistant  to sell for you.For these you will need a computer and a printer.

They have also created an avenue where you can earn as much as 55% on every kobo everytime you help NAIRABET customers fund their accounts.But to get these info you need to sign up to join.

Now these is the most important part of the story,to become an online agent you must first have a license and to get your license you will have to register.

NAIRABET has made it easy for you to get your license, their aim is to get as many people as possible on board and if the price for the license is N100,000, how do they get young people and even students to participate.

So they came up with a final license fee on N25,000.With just N25,000.00 you can become a NAIRABET Online agent and you can start earning money instantly.

There is also a special incentive for the first 100 people to sign up. If you secure your license immediately, they will fund your agent account with N10,000 free so you can as well say that you are getting you license for just N15,000.

After you get the license, you will not be required to spend additional money to fund your agent account because you have been given N10,000 already. Obviously, this crazy bonus cannot be for everybody. It is for those that act fast.

With the existing popularity, massive customer-base, and reputation of NAIRABET, the pioneer sports betting company in Nigeria, you’ll surely and automatically get a lot of customers.

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