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What you need to know about the program

Google has been spreading various services worldwide as part of their humanitarian services. One of which is the Google Station program which is carried out in conjunction with partners in regions located. The major aim of this program is to provide free WiFi hotspots in public places across the region implemented. This would enable persons who do not have prior access to the internet to enjoy lightening speed internet services.

Google announced this month at the Google for Nigeria tech event that the company is set to extend the Google station program to Africa with Nigeria being the first recipient. According to the tech giants, this program is geared towards resolving the internet connectivity problems in the country.

What is Google Station program

Google began this program in 2012 and has successfully launched this initiative in 4 countries worldwide (India, Thailand, Mexico and Indonesia). Nigeria would be the 55th country to benefit from the free WiFi service. Google would be partnering with Nigerian fiber network company 21st Century technology to provide this service to 200 locations in 5 cities

The program, however, would kickoff in Lagos popularly called the commercial capital of Nigeria and would be located in regions with populated communities. Plans have been made to install this hotspot in public centers like Malls, Airports, Schools, and Parks.



Google announced that the free WiFi hotspots are currently available in The Palms mall, Ikeja mall, Landmark center and Domestic Airport Terminal.

After successful implementation in Lagos, the program would be extended to Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, and Ibadan. As Google seeks to implement this service in the 5 key regions in the country.

How fast is Google free WiFi

Google also briefed journalists that the WiFi speed would reach 30 megabits per second which is remarkable given that Nigeria average Internet service provider speed is 1.8 megabits per second. This would definitely excite users who will be able to stream and access heavy data website without fears of lags. This could be the jolt local internet service providers need to improve Broadband speeds and reliability.



Is the service completely free

You can say that it is free but paid for in terms of Ads. Users would have to endure watching Ads as the service is paid for through monetized ads from local advertisers. This would be placed in the portal login pages. This means that when you try to visit a particular website you may be redirected to the target ad portal.

This can easily be cancelled but it is a fair price to pay for fast and free internet service and is a welcome development for Nigeria internet sphere.



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