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When it comes to chatting in Nigeria and there was a world ranking for it I believe Nigeria would have taken the number one spot. When chatting became a big deal to Nigerians,I can say the only app we use often is either BBM or whatsapp even if they had other chatting apps on their phone.

Now the chatting is about to become more interesting with the launch of a new chat messaging app,say hello to “ALLO” by Google and it comes with some exciting features.

Google first announced its new messaging app, Allo, at its annual I/O developer conference a few months ago,Google has finally made the Allo app available for download and with the launch of this app I believe its going to give whatsapp and other chat apps a run for their money.

The Allo app is just like any other app,its going to be available for both android and ios users.With the app you can do more by expressing yourself with stickers, doodles, and huge emojis & text.It also comes with Google assistant which makes it kind of cool.

Talking about features,the Allo comes with features called smart reply.The Smart Reply lets you keep the conversation moving with a single tap by suggesting text and emoji responses based on your personality,the feature also analyses images sent to the user in order to suggest responses.







You also have what the call whispering which is to press and hold the Send key to adjust the size of your text.When you to say something and you don’t want it in all caps,you simply slide up to shout, and down to whisper.You can use Whisper/Shout on text and emoji, but you can’t with sticker packs or photos.

Concerning stickers on the Allo,you have different stickers to make your chat exciting and fun. To use a sticker in Allo, click the ‘+’ button on the left side of the text field, click the sticker button on the bottom blue bar, then swipe through until you find the one you want.

If you feel the stickers are not enough for you and you need more,you can download more by clicking the add sticker button on the right side of the sticker selection menu.


Earlier on we mentioned a feature called the Google assistant.The Google assistant is like an upgrade to Google Now, You can actually talk right to the Assistant in a private conversation, or summon it in the middle of a chat with friends by typing @google and asking it a question.

After asking the question the assistant chat bot will then send you the best result it can, and you can send it a followup questions if you’d like.Please note that if you experience any flaws or bugs while using the Google assistant its because its still in the preview stage.

Another feature the Allo has is the ability to chat in the incognito mode. Chatting in incognito mode allows you to take advantage of expiring chats and private notifications,you can also control how long your messages sticks around. Plus, all your messages in incognito mode are end-to-end encrypted

Remember that the Allo works just like whatspp it uses your contacts.Lets assume you click on a contact that does not have Allo on his or her phone you can actually send them a message via a unique 5-digit number.

The message will inform the recipient that you (by name and phone number) are attempting to chat with them via Allo. They are also provided with a link to the app’s download page in the Google Play Store or Iphone App store.


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