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At the press conference in San Francisco during the launching of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the company also announced its product called Google Home.

Google Home is really fascinating, it takes complete control of your home it’s a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google assistant. By just saying the magic word “Ok Google” and asking your questions,Google home is ready to give you the necessary answer.

Its design is kind of cool,it can fit in any area of your home you wouldn’t even know that its even there. It’s so small and compact enough that you can rest it on the palm of your hand and also the base is available in seven colors, you can make Google Home fit with any space and decor.

It was also built with a touch sensitivity control on top of the device,it comes alive when you glide your finger to adjust the volume and also when you send a voice command then you see the embedded LEDs display its magic.

Speaking of voice commands, this is the core function of Google Home, allowing users to initiate any action they desire,a simple voice request triggers Google Home to play music, podcasts or radio from services like Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora and TuneIn.

Google Home can retrieve your flight information, set alarms and timers, and even tell you about the traffic on your way to work.You can also get real-time answers including the latest on weather, traffic, finance, sports, local businesses and more.


Google Home connects effectively with devices like Chromecast, Nest and Philips Hue, so you can use your voice to set the perfect temperature or turn down the lights.

Google home recognizes its users voice perfectly with the help of its dual far-field microphones,even in a noicy environment Google home will be able to recognize any voice action.

Lets say you want to play you party mix you have to saying the magic word “Ok Google” play me my playlist, Alright playing your playlist party mix starts now.

Another cool thing about Google Home is its hi-fi excursion speaker system at the base of the device which gives you crystal clear sound.If you feel one is not enough multiple Google home can also be  connected they play music in synchronization.








The reason why the synchronization is achievable is because they are network connected,note that Bluetooth connection is not in play here the reason for this is simple, they always need to be connected in order to provide instant recognition and actions.

Another reason is that audio synchronization is best achieved via Wi-Fi connectivity and Google Home is meant to be stationary, seeing that it is needed to be plug to its power source.


  • Alarm
  • Calculator
  • Calender
  • Delight
  • Dictonary
  • Easter eggs
  • Fact & Info
  • Finance
  • Flight Information
  • Games
  • Lear more
  • Light out
  • Local guide
  • Mobile app audio streaming
  • Multi room audio
  • Music
  • My day
  • News
  • Nutrition
  • Podcast
  • Radio
  • Shopping List
  • Smart plugs and switch control
  • Speaker streaming and control
  • Sports
  • Thermostat
  • Timer
  • Traffic
  • Translation
  • TV streaming and control Weather


The Google Home is not yet available in Nigeria but it is available for pre-order,It’ll be available in stores starting on November 6th, and will come with a free 6-month trial to YouTube Red. So if you going to get one it will cost you $129.

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