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Some phone users will prefer to use an android phone over the iPhone because android devices allow you to add additional storage capacity while iPhone doesn’t.But figuring out how what type of microSD card to use to store your apps, music, photos, video and games isn’t an easy decision to make.

There is a limit to the amount of memory a particular phone can handle. MicroSD cards come in a variety of sizes. And if your device isn’t able to handle a particular size of storage technology, it won’t accept higher capacity cards.

That’s why when you put a microSD card which is not meant for your phone,your phone freezes when you using it.For example you may have a Samsung phone or a blackberry phone with internal memory of 8GB and you decide to use a microSD card of 128GB,you might not notice it but your phone begins to malfunction because it cant accept a microSD of that size.

A microSD card works in way that when you slot it into your phone, your phone will automatically begin to scan the card, pull all the necessary information it needs straight away and file it in the proper location for you.

Like an android phone for example,it will look for any picture you have saved on the SDcard no matter the type of format and add them to your gallery.

Please note that you have to be careful when removing your memory card, when your phone is still accessing the memory card and its information, everything on the card is still vulnerable.If you remove the card without ejecting it you can end up with only half the file it wanted to transfer.

This can lead to your pictures not opening correctly, some of your applications crashing or even just a really sluggish phone. Preferably, you should only remove your memory card only when the phone is switched off completely,most mobile phones have an ‘unmount SD card’ option in their settings somewhere, so you can switch them when needed.

When getting yourself a microSD card, there are some words you may come across,words like SDHC, SDXC, and Class.The question is what do they really mean.

The difference between these two microSD formats is simply the amount of data they can store.

  • SDHC- Secure Digital High Capacity:it comes with a capacity up to 32 GB
  • SDXC- Secure Digital Extended Capacity:It comes wiith a 64 GB to 2TB

Make sure you check your phones compatibility before making your choice because some lower-end mobile phones don’t support SDXC microSD cards.

CLASS:You may come across some numbers circled around them on your microSD card, and these numbers signify the class of the microSD card numbers like 2,4, 6, or 10.




Class simply means how fast information and data can be constantly written to the memory card. The higher the Class the faster the speed in which your device can save information to the card.

If you buy a memory card with a Speed Class of 2 (lowest Class) then your phone, camera, or device can only write 2 MB/sec (two megabytes per second). A Class 4 SD card can only write 4 MB/sec, Class 6 is 6 MB/sec, and Class 10 will write 10 megabytes per second.

Your phone or and device may not work properly if the memory cards Class isn’t high enough.Lets say you take a camcorder built for a Class 6 memory card and try to use a Class 2 or Class 4 SD card,your might come back having an error or even being fragmented or it may say busy while trying to read it,it may not even work at all

One thing you should note is that the higher the speed the faster your phone will be able to read and write information to and from that memory card. Speed Class is one of the things taken into consideration when choosing.

Below are the top microSD cards you can use.




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The Sandisk Ultra microSD cards are available with storage capacities ranging from 8 GB all the way up to 200 GB.If you have a compatible device, Sandisk is one of the few options when it comes to options beyond 128 GB, and also less than 16 GB.

This memory card features Class 10 video rating for high-quality video recording, so you can capture Full HD video without dropouts and stuttering. And with 128GB of storage space, the cards allow you to store up to 100 minutes of Full HD videos.

SanDisk microSD cards are waterproof, shockproof, x-ray proof and temperature proof to protect your memories from life’s mishaps.





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The Samsung EVO Select microSD cards start from 32 GB, and go all the way up to the recently introduced 256 microSD card.With microSD card you get maximum function out of your smartphone, tablets, digital cameras, etc. This high-performance card has lightning fast data transfer speed of 95 MBps that will ensure you can transfer and share your files in instantly.

This Samsung SD card also comes with an SD adapter and can be used with digital cameras, laptops and desktop computers too.





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Transcend is a memory card which has sufficient memory to meet requirements of the user. We can say it belongs to the league of class 10 memory cards, which says a lot about its quality and superiority in the market.

That’s not all, the built in error correcting code present within the memory card is capable of detecting and preventing any kind of error occurring while transfer.Their speed is a bit slow compare to the ones we have above, with transfer speeds up to 60 MBps across the board.





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Lexar 128GB Class 10, high performance microSD card,it comes in different sizes from 16GB to 200GB.These high-performance cards feature a high transfer speed of 95 MBps,it also come with a USB 3.0 reader which makes transfer of files to your computer much faster and quicker.

So there you have it this are the top microSD card you can choose from,i hope we have set you up on the right path in making your selection.

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